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Online job posting enables employers to advertise jobs online and it is an avenue whereby candidates apply online immediately to job advertisements posted by employers. Skill Jobs systems act as an employment exchange within employers and jobseekers and these systems are:
  • Resume Management Application for Employers.
  • Job Matching and Notification for Jobseekers.
  • Great return of investment: Up to 90% cheaper than traditional advertisement methods, get connected with 2, 00,000 seekers
  • Reduced time to hire: Immediate job posting in the site and opportunity to search resume
  • Long exposure of ads: Job posting appear for 30 days, Full page advertisement
  • Targeted Qualified Candidates: Job alerts are sent to jobseekers in the database based on selection criteria and the career preferences of the jobseekers.
  • Ease of administration for recruitment process: The entire recruitment process is managed from one centralized Resume Management system
  • GInstant Matching of client’s advertisement with potential candidates though Genie and Ultra
  • Shorter Recruitment Cycle Time with user friendly and effective features of Ultra

Resume Search allows our clients to pro actively search our database for suitable candidates instead of relying on applicants to the job posted. With our recently improved Resume Search, our clients are now also able to:
  • View and contact those with open resumes immediately.
  • Request those with confidential resumes to apply.
  • Less time of recruitment
  • Ideal for niche positions
  • Ideal for senior positions

Jobs Adverts

Jobs Adverts allows organizations to target millions of working professionals who are online through email-based and web-based services.Organizations can promote their products and services, conduct surveys, generate leads and prospects, or simply use Jobs Adverts to gain added exposure to their online job advertisements in Skill Jobs. Through our targeted advertising tools, our customers’ campaigns will be cost-effective, measurable and extremely focused. Direct comprises of the following components:

  • Faster turnaround time and immediate call for action
  • Measurable Results

Jobs Search & Select

We are committed to finding the right candidates to fill key positions that will grow your business now--and in the future. We strive to provide the highest quality executive-search services through a systematic search process based on thorough industry knowledge and understanding of the client's company culture and competitors.
    o Extended service to support your hiring needs.
    o Value added service providing:
    – advise on current recruitment trends
    – overview on compensation packages
    – feasibility studies
    o Skilled Recruiters
    o Automated Database Search
    o Faster occupancy of vacancies
    o Ability to fill positions with rare specifications
    o Large Database
    o Over 2 Lac candidates on our database
    o Ability to handle multi-volume recruitment
    o Recruitment Strategy & Execution
    o Mass Recruitment
    o Search Projects
    o Contracting Services

• This service sends out dedicated Email message to targeted jobseekers
• Client can pre-define the criteria and select the target group of candidates to receive the email message
• This service can be used for:
• To Promote you products and services
• Attract job seekers to participate workshop, training and seminar
• Walk-in invitations
• Special email to attract target candidates to apply for a job
• Special invites for Careers Talk, Industry nights etc.
o Various forms of banners to attract the attention of jobseekers at
o Proven rate of success as has an handsome page views each month
o Banner Statistics are also available to measure the success of you advertisement

Jobs Learning

Jobs Learning offers the widest range of topics and focuses on an Individual Approach to organizational achievement through high impact training courses, custom learning and development, professional services and publications. It offers largest number of workshops available today for the different professionals. We are continuously tracking the latest work trends and monitoring job market demands to ensure our content is relevant, practical and useful. We ensure you that our state of art training will meet and surpass your expectation.

Some Offers
    · High Impact Training Courses
    · Professional Certificate Programs
    · Corporate Trainings
    · Skill Development Program
    · Custom Learning & Development
    · Publications & Resources
    · E-Learning
    With our technical training division, we accomplish all this through:
    · Workshops and conferences.
    · On-site Training.
    · Off site Training
    · Retreat Programs
    · Human Resource Development Consultancies

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